Chester Graham

Born in 1936, Chester was a boarder at Riverview College, deliberately failed Arts I at Sydney University several years running, and was prominent in student life, writing and acting in brilliant review skits, actively publishing in student magazines and the newspaper Honi Soit, and presiding over a circle of younger admirers. Then in the early 1960s, in his mid twenties, he left Australia. He abandoned theatre and poetry, opting for obscurity, and became a professional translator and interpreter in Brazil, where he had a daughter. Returning to Australia on the last day of 1999 he started writing again, but not for publication. His daughter studied marine biology in Australia and was later murdered in Brazil. He worked as a volunteer for the Greens until his death in 2021, and was cared for in his final illness by his partner Michael who chose the title for this book. Chester’s novel It’s the Culture was published posthumously.

Puncher & Wattmann titles by Chester Graham