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Puncher & Wattmann is currently closed for unsolicited poetry submissions - we currently have a backlog of unpublished titles extending into 2016. We will re-open for poetry submissions at the end of 2015.

Puncher & Wattmann only accepts submissions between November 1 and January 31. We would ask you, before sending a submission, to actually read what we publish, and decide for yourself how your work might fit in. We're always willing to talk about your submission (but we can't always read it before you submit and advise you as to whether it suits  - all of Puncher & Wattmann's editors have full time jobs and time is precious).

If you want to talk with one of the editors, you can e-mail us at



or for general enquires


or send via a snail to

Puncher & Wattmann

P.O. Box 441 Glebe NSW 2037  

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P&W Favourite Links

Island Press: publishers of really interesting Australian writing.

Michael Sharkey is one of our favourite poets. You can obtain a dvd on his life and times from this site.

We think Sleepers publishing are really cool.

David Musgrave has his own website.

State of Play was the Sixth Australian Poetry Festival, run by the Poets Union Inc.

Philip Salom is one of Australia's leading poets, and we are glad to be his publisher.

Australian Poetry Limited is a peak body for poetry in Australia.

Spineless Wonders are an exciting publisher of Australian short stories

Jill Jones is a leading Australian poet and her new book The Beautiful Anxiety will be coming out in December

Andy Kissane writes fiction and poetry and cooks goat curries