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So far P&W have published over 100 books, including seven anthologies, three biographies, eleven works of fiction, three works of critical non-fiction and at least 76 poetry collections. Our newest titles will be launched at the Puncher & Wattmann Christmas parties in 2014:


Stuart Cooke's translation of George Dyuŋgayan's The Bulu Line
Meredith Wattison's terra bravura
John Watson's Three Painters: Bonnard, Beckmann and Marquet (Collected Works Volume 5)
Peter Lach-Newinsky's Cut a Long Story Short
Laurie Duggan's East & Under the Weather


Philip Salom's Alterworld, a trilogy - his previous books Sky Poems, Well Mouth and the new collection Alterworld
Jillian Pattinson's Babel Fish


Elizabeth Lawson's Penelope's Chairs

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