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Gustave Puncher is a retired ostler from Cheltenham, VIC. He served in the iambic brigade during the first poetry war in 1971 and is also known for.. more

Anthony Lawrence has published twelve books of poems, the most recent being The Welfare of My Enemy... more

Carol Jenkins grew up in Woy Woy and left "as soon as possible". After a career in chemical regulation and assessment she pursued creative writing, and in 2007 established River Road press... more

Widely recognised as Australia's most popular poet, Bruce Dawe has published 12 books of poetry, one book of short stories, one book of essays, and has edited two other books... more

Diane Fahey is one of Australia's foremost poets. She has published eight books of poetry, the most recent being Sea Wall and River Light, winner of ... more

Jill Jones has published several books of poetry, including Broken/Open and Screens Jets Heaven: New and Selected Poems. ... more

In a shock to many, Australian publisher David Musgrave was pronounced alive after being discovered in a bedroom many hours after his last appearance... more

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