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Founded in 2005, Puncher & Wattmann is an independent Australian publisher of quality Australian writing. We publish novels, poetry, biography, criticism, short story collections. Our list continues to grow and achieve significant critical recognition.

Our aim: to promote and support quality Australian writing

A comprehensive new anthology

Contemporary Australian Poetry

Contemporary Australian Poetry - cover

In the past 25 years, Australian poetry has reached a remarkable level of  achievement. Never has the quality been stronger, nor the number of distinctive voices greater. The best poetry produced in this country is world-class. Australian poetry has become both self-sustaining – a major source of inspiration and dialogue for Australian practitioners – and also a vital part of the larger conversation in the English speaking world. Puncher & Wattmann has now published Contemporary Australian Poetry, bringing together this extraordinary accomplishment.  

How do we do it?

P&W to date

So far P&W have published over 100 books, including seven anthologies, three biographies, eleven works of fiction, three works of critical non-fiction and at least 76 poetry collections.

Who are we?

Puncher & Wattmann was founded in 1975 by Gustave Puncher & Barry Wattmann during the poetry wars but became inactive after Puncher's major depression during the 1990s and Wattmann's disappearance while completing an ocean swim off Tamarama in 1994. The press was revived in 2005 by David Musgrave with prize-money from various awards given for his poetry.  Since then the press has continued to grow, and we now have a staff of four, with many other helpers. We have published over 65 books, which have been shortlisted for or awarded over twenty major awards. Puncher & Wattmann boooks are distributed in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and PNG by Inbooks.


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Praise for Philip Salom’s new novel Waiting

According to Stephen Romei in his Ragged Claws column, a queue was lining up to review Waiting for the Weekend Australian. A very positive short review in the international magazine Monocle, describes Waiting as "...an insightful novel about big characters with very little in life, exploring what this says about the rest of us."

Antoni Jach has called Waiting "a bittersweet tale of the marginalised and the searching." and that it is "Weirdly moving, tender and insightful", while John Clarke


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