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Towns in the Great Desert: New & Selected Poems

by Peter Boyle

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Towns in the Great Desert: New & Selected Poems

Peter Boyle

Poetry ISBN: 9781922186393

Price: $29.95 inc.GST

Towns in the Great Desert is a significant addition to the corpus of a major Australian poet. These poems make a significant claim for Boyle’s standing as one of Australia’s most important contemporary poets.

Towns in the Great Desert contains a new book of poems together with selections from Boyle’s six previous books. The title sequence is a fabulist’s journey through imaginary cities possessing suspiciously modern features, but the new work also comprises a collection of miscellaneous lyrics, a very late-night set of Nightpoems and an extended meditation on Lorca. Unusually in Australia, Boyle inhabits the alternative poetic universe of the French and Spanish traditions: within it, he has framed such powerful early poems as ‘Kinderszernen’, and disturbing recent work such as ‘To a day in October’. Restlessly and inventively, his high styles stalk through a beautiful but difficult world, never too far away from the guardian angel of catastrophe.”

—Martin Langford