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Everyday Epic

by Anna Kerdijk Nicholson

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Everyday Epic

Anna Kerdijk Nicholson

Poetry ISBN: 9781922186775

Price: $25 inc.GST

In this new book by Anna Kerdijk Nicholson, her celebrated skill with form—so apparent in her first book, The Bundanon Cantos, and utilised to great effect with the modern sonnets in Possession—is also present, but in a playful way. Here Kerdijk Nicholson continues to explore the train wreck of language, digging into nuance and coinage, but never losing sight of meaning. The poems are arranged to allow thematic refractions to develop organically, so the poems in Everyday Epic acquire a subtle political suggestion because of their clusterings. Never one to shy from a challenge, she has taken on Burke & Wills’ monumental expedition in the vein of a mock epic and sites it, tongue-in-cheek, as though it were a finale. Everyday Epic honours the courage of our small twenty first century selves who battle on—in the face of prejudice, racism, the Intervention, Australia’s Immigration policy—despite our ‘pathetic human-ness’.

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