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All These Presences

ed. Jean Kent, David Musgrave, Carolyn Rickett

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All These Presences

eds. Jean Kent David Musgrave Carolyn Rickett

Anthologies ISBN: 9781922186928

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All These Presences publishes poems by creative writing students at Avondale College alongside work by a selection of established Australian poets. Like the three earlier volumes it follows, Wording the World (2010), Here Not There (2012) and A Way of Happening (2014), it is a unique collaboration between writers at very different stages of learning and practising their craft.

Poetry writing is an intensely personal expression of experience. The poems themselves, however, have a magical ability to move from silence into a world
of unexpected conversations and deep connections, not only with readers, but also with other poets. All These Presences is an exciting illustration of that connectedness. It is a vibrant gathering of presences: a fresh and wide-ranging collection of new and mature voices from Australia’s contemporary poetic community.