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A William Maidment Garland

by John Watson

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A William Maidment Garland

John Watson

Poetry ISBN: 9781922186867

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A Garland for William Maidment is a collection of poems and prose pieces which celebrate and memorialize the life of Bill Maidment (1924-2005), a former teacher in the English Department at the University of Sydney who infl uenced a couple of generations of writers, thinkers and intellectuals. Here is a birthday poem in which a curious incident at the university library doors accompanies accolades from notables and praise from admirers; a Golden Wedding; a celebratory lament; two discursions designed to beguile the fever room; a chapter by chapter synopsis (with limericks) of Thomas Love Peacock’s late, late, last and most lyrical novel. In each instance the presence of Bill Maidment as mentor is orchestrated in Watson’s allusive manner which has been described by Geoff Page as “ranging considerably, from beautifully poised meditations in the manner of Wallace Stevens through to light-hearted satire.