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The Non-Sequitur of Snow

by Shari Kocher

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The Non-Sequitur of Snow

Shari Kocher

Poetry ISBN: 9781922186829

Price: $25 inc.GST

Moving non-chronologically through youth and maturity, dreamscapes and time, Shari Kocher’s long-awaited first collection charges the elusive music of cross-generational song-lines—mothers and daughters, daughters and grandmothers, lovers and kin—with the invisibles and intangibles of two decades spent honing her craft. This is a book about breathing. It is also about the changing contours of the journey home, even when the ground of what is meant by home seems most absent, impossible or undone. Rooted in place, yet animated by the immaterial, these poems breathe a body of living and loving alive.

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