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Magic Logic

by David Mortimer

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Magic Logic

David Mortimer

Poetry ISBN: 9781921450921

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An activity
For a space between
Not drowning, waving
And not dying wondering
— 'Poetry Publication'

The sky has regained its depth
but lost its equanimity
— from 'Towards Evening'

Everyone can see you weren't exaggerating
Everyone agrees your son's a star
—  from 'Leopold', shortlisted for the Montreal Poetry Prize

"Reading Magic Logic is to listen to a musical mind at work. It is a journey of cadences, the everyday and the metaphysical, smaller soundscapes as valued as larger ones." — Patricia Sykes

"Moments of unique Mortimerian contemplation (e.g. 'Rainbow in Black'). Poems that demand to be read aloud, such is the command of rhythm, rhyme and phrase." — Graham Catt

" 'Train to Noarlunga' is an impressive piece of work... The last line is stunning and just the right extraordinary note of good poetry in its hyperbole, surprise and denouement." — Jeff Guess, Judge's Comments, Poetry Unhinged

"I like this poem, and I don't like poetry." — Kristin Weidenbach, of 'Cold Wet Frozen' in Dear Dad: Poems by Australians about Fathers

David Mortimer was born and lives in Adelaide. He is a poet, thinker, letter-writer, suburban activist, train-traveller and records-management worker.

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