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Fishing in the Devonian

by Carol Jenkins

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Fishing in the Devonian

Carol Jenkins

Poetry ISBN: 9781921450099

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“I want you to know, as you sit reading this on your black and starless planet that you should not find that blank blanket of night reason to believe the stars do not exist, the galaxies, the Milky Ways and jewel of Magellan’s Clouds, still shine and burn abundant in distant orbits.” — from “When Years Take the Stars Away”

Carol Jenkins writes what are probably the best 'scientific' poems in Australia, making the science seem effortlessly familiar and intrinsic to human relationships, including immersion in nature other than human. This is fresh and exciting writing that reveals the interconnectedness of things in ways that others' nature poetry and eco-poetry might seek to emulate. The poems are invested with wit that is the index of a considerate and versatile mind.

— Michael Sharkey

Carol Jenkins grew up in Woy Woy and left "as soon as possible". At university she studied science, followed by a graduate diploma in Labour Law and a Masters in Public Health. After a career in chemical regulation and assessment she has pursued creative writing since 2003, and in 2007 established River Road press which produces audio CDs of Australian poetry. Her work has appeared in numerous journals and her poem "Shirt/Post Shirt" was commended in the 2007 Newcastle Poetry Prize. She lives in Sydney with her family.

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    Awards for this Author

    shortlisted for the Anne Elder Award

    shortlisted for the CJ Dennis prize for Poetry